Adaptation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet (6 characters)

This script is an adaptation of the play “Hamlet” -by William Shakespeare- for 6 characters. It is a tragedy that deals with revenge, where the prince upon discovering his father’s murderer ends up killing him and becoming a murderer himself.

Title of the play: “Hamlet”

Author of the adaptation: Manuel Martinez

6 characters:

  1. CHARLIE: Young man of 14 years old, he lives in sorrow for the recent death of his father, he rejects the imminent wedding of his uncle with his mother.
  2. CHARLIE’S UNCLE: 46 year old man, brother of CHARLIE’s father, he is going to marry his mother. Antagonist of the play.
  3. CHARLIE’S MOTHER: 40-year-old woman, grieved by the death of her recent husband, wants to have a family again and give her son CHARLIE a father.
  4. LUIS: 15-year-old young man, CHARLIE’s best friend. Guest at the wedding.
  5. EVA: 14 year old girl, CHARLIE’s girlfriend. Guest at the wedding.
  6. PRIEST- 55 year old man, in charge of officiating the wedding between CHARLIE’s uncle and his mother.

Act I

CHARLIE, a 14-year-old boy, waits seated in the sacristy of the church where his mother is getting married. His friend Luis tries to cheer him up.

LUIS: Come on Charlie, now you have to cheer up. Even if it’s only for your mother’s sake, think that at least now she’s in company.

CHARLIE: Yeah. But it’s such a short time since my father died that it seems to me we’re failing his memory.

LUIS: Well, your father would surely be happy. Now your uncle is going to take care of you. What better man than his own brother.

CHARLIE: His brother? my uncle? If I’d had a brother, it would never have occurred to me to lay a hand on his wife, never.

LUIS: Your uncle is in love with your mother, Charlie, that can happen to anyone.

CHARLIE: Don’t fool yourself Luis, my uncle wanted this, he wanted my mother, he wanted what my father had. Look at the way he looks at me, when he does it, the one he sees is my father. He can’t stand me.

LUIS: Give him a chance, Charlie. Wait and see what happens… It looks like people are entering the church, we should go back to our places.

Eva comes through the door.

EVA: Come on, you guys have to go back now. Charlie, you should be in your seat by now.

Eva leaves the room, Luis gets up from his seat and follows her. Charlie is left alone in the room.

Act II

Charlie’s mother and uncle are in front of the altar, joined by their hands. Charlie behind them watches them from his pew sitting alone. The hustle and bustle of the other wedding guests floods the church.

PRIEST: Love is the fruit of union and respect, and it is the most joyous of the feasts we can celebrate. That’s why we are gathered here today….

CHARLIE: (Soliloquy) Well, he may have fooled everybody, but he doesn’t fool me, I know very well what kind of person he is. If my uncle had helped my father when the bank took away his workshop, I’m sure he would be here with us now. He should have been more attentive. Poor dad, I wish I had helped you more, I’m sure you will be turning in your own grave, seeing how your own son is a witness to this farce. I am so sorry. But don’t worry, I’ll soon be able to unmask this villain.

PRIEST: Do you, Maria (Charlie’s mother), take Andrew (Charlie’s uncle) to be your lawful wedded husband?


PRIEST: And do you, Andrew, take Maria to be your lawful wedded wife?

CHARLIE’s UNCLE: Yes, yes, yes, yes. Yes, and a thousand times yes.

PRIEST: I declare you….

Charlie’s uncle interrupts the priest, grabbing Charlie’s mother to kiss her.


Charlie’s mother waits with Eva outside the reception hall, where the hustle and bustle of all the guests can be heard on the other side of the door.

EVA: It was a very nice ceremony and the place is beautiful.

Charlie’s mother walks from one place to another, restless.

EVA: Are you all right, you look restless.

CHARLIE’s MOTHER: Charlie… I know that look… just like his father… exactly like his father.

EVA: What’s wrong with Charlie, don’t scare me.

CHARLIE’s MOTHER: He’s going to do something against his uncle, I know it. We have to find him.

EVA: I’m going to look for Luis, I’m sure he knows where Charlie is.

Eva enters through the door and leaves the scene. At that moment Charlie’s uncle enters through the door.

CHARLIE’s UNCLE: What are you doing here alone, come in and have fun at your party.

CHARLIE’s MOTHER: It’s Charlie.

CHARLIE’s UNCLE: Of course, Charlie is missing. Always Charlie.

CHARLIE’s MOTHER: Leave him alone, I think he’s still upset about our wedding. I told you it was too soon.

CHARLIE’s UNCLE: I don’t care if he’s affected or not. And you shouldn’t care if it affects him or not. Focus on being happy with me and stop being bitter about your son. Soon he’ll go study abroad and get used to us being together.

CHARLIE’s MOTHER: Don’t say that, you know I don’t want to separate from him, he’s still very young.

CHARLIE’s UNCLE: That’s it, let’s drop the subject, go to the party and distract yourself. And we’ll talk later about when your son will leave.

Charlie’s mother enters through the door and leaves the scene. Charlie approaches the entrance to the living room, where Charlie’s Uncle is waiting alone.

CHARLIE: (Serious and quiet, he keeps an antique pistol in the back of his belt) You.

Charlie’s Uncle turns around in surprise.

CHARLIE’s UNCLE: Ah, Charlie, what’s wrong? Stop worrying your mother and have fun at the party, can’t you see you’re spoiling the party for all of us?

Charlie pulls out his gun and wields it against his uncle. The latter is surprised but then starts laughing.

CHARLIE’s UNCLE: Where did you get that, that’s your father’s relic, I had an antique like that too, but I threw it away.

Charlie’s Uncle approaches Charlie to take the gun from him.

CHARLIE: Don’t come closer, I’m the only one you haven’t fooled, but believe me I’m going to honor my father’s memory, you’re going to get what you deserve.

CHARLIE’s UNCLE: Don’t make me laugh, kiddo, and give me the gun.

Charlie and his uncle struggle, until the sound of a gunshot stops them.

Luis, Eva and Charlie’s mother enter the scene. Charlie is lying on the floor, next to him his Uncle is holding the gun. Charlie’s mother screams at the sight of her son and kneels down next to him to hug him.

CHARLIE’s UNCLE: I didn’t mean to, I didn’t mean to… it was an accident.

LUIS: Somebody call an ambulance, quick.

EVA: Police, police!

CHARLIE’s MOTHER: (In tears) You wretched, murderer, I only hope you rot in miserable hell. My poor son, my poor sweet son.


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