Adaptation of the play Romeo and Juliet (6 characters)

This script is an adaptation for 6 people of the play “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare. It tells the story of two young people who fall madly in love, but due to their social differences and their parents’ confrontation this love becomes forbidden.

Title: “Romeo and Juliet” (Adaptation)

Author of the adaptation: Manuel Martínez

6 characters:

  1. JULIO: Young man of 18 years old, in love with Ramona. He lives in the rich neighborhood of the city with his parents. Protagonist of the play.
  2. RAMONA: 17 year old girl, of African descent. Born in the country, her parents are immigrants. In love with Julio, she lives in a working class neighborhood in the city. Protagonist of the play.
  3. LEON: 18-year-old young man, Julio’s best friend.
  4. JULIO’S FATHER: 45-year-old man. Wealthy man.
  5. RAMONA’S FATHER: 48-year-old man of African origin.
  6. RAMONA’S MOTHER: 41-year-old woman, of African origin.

Act I

At night, Julio waits in front of his friend Leon’s house. Dressed in a travel backpack, he throws a small stone at one of the windows. As it hits the window, a light on the other side of the room comes on. Leon leans out of his window.

JULIO: Leon!

LEON: What’s wrong? Ah, Julio, what’s going on, what are you doing here?

JULIO: Come down, Leon, please, I need to talk to you.

LEON: Okay, I’ll come down.

Leon’s light goes out. Julio takes off his backpack and puts it on the floor beside him. Leon enters the scene.

LEON: What is it Julio?

JULIO: I need your help, Leon.

LEON: Sure Julio, tell me what you need.

JULIO: You need to go and talk to Ramona. I need you to go and tell her that I’ll be waiting for her at the bus station at 7:00 in the morning. Her parents have taken away her cell phone, when she told them we were boyfriend and girlfriend. And at home things are no better, my father read the messages I had sent her and threatened to throw me out of the house if I continue with her.

LEON: That’s rough Julio, but maybe your father was fuming and it isn’t thinking well.

JULIO: No way, Leon, believe me. He would never accept that I would go out with a girl like that.

LEON: Well, I’ll talk to her.

JULIO: But you have to go now, Leon.

LEON: Now?

JULIO: Yes, it has to be now. She won’t freak out when she sees you. You have to go now and tell her I’ll wait for her at seven o’clock at the station. I’m not going to let my father come between her and me. If she wants me we’ll go together, if she doesn’t show up I’ll know I’m alone, I’ll go and I won’t hold a grudge.

LEON: You’re rushing things, Julio.

JULIO: I have to go Leon, please don’t fail me, go and talk to her. And tell her I love her.

Julio takes the backpack and leaves the scene.

Act II

Ramona’s room. She is sitting on the bed in front of her mother and father.

RAMONA’S FATHER: With that boy Ramona?

RAMONA: That boy has a name and his name is Julio.

RAMONA’S FATHER: Yes, and he lives in a neighborhood where people like us are looked at with disgust and fear.

RAMONA’S MOTHER: I’m sure that boy is a great kid, Ramona, but you’re very young. Very young and life is really going to take you different paths.

RAMONA: Well, but that’s my decision. I don’t think it’s such a big deal.

RAMONA’S FATHER: How can it not be serious, that little boy sees you as a toy, a novelty, when he gets tired of you he’ll throw you away. They want everything until they have it, then they stop wanting it. You already know that Ramona, and we won’t give you back your cell phone, until you don’t give reasons. I DON’T WANT YOU TO SEE THAT LITTLE BOY. You know that, I FORBID YOU!

Ramona’s father leaves the room, slamming the door.

RAMONA’S MOTHER: Excuse your father Ramona. He says it because he cares about you.

RAMONA: Well, he could measure his words a little more. I want to be with Julio and neither you nor anyone else is going to make me change the way I feel about him.

RAMONA’S MOTHER: Think about it, daughter, we don’t want anything bad for…

RAMONA: Leave me alone.

RAMONA’S MOTHER: As you wish.

Ramona’s mother leaves the room saddened. Ramona is left alone crying on the bed. Leon appears through the window of Ramona’s bedroom. Ramona gets out of bed and opens the window for him.

RAMONA: What are you doing here, Leon?

LEON: Ramona, I have to talk to you, Julio sent me. He’s expecting you tomorrow at 7 o’clock at the bus station. He asked me to tell you that he loves you, and that if you love him he’s willing to go with you, where you won’t be prevented from being together.

RAMONA: He’s crazy.

LEON: Yes, crazy about you Ramona. You know how he is. I have to go Ramona, I don’t want your parents to see me here with you.

Leon goes out the window. Ramona remains seated on the bed, while looking at the open window through which Leon has just gone out.


Bus station. Julio waits seated next to Leon while the clock strikes seven o’clock. It is dawn.

JULIO: You sure gave him the right message, didn’t you?

Leon nods his head.

JULIO: And she didn’t say anything?

LEON: Nothing at all, I didn’t give her time either, Julio, I left there right away, imagine if her parents caught me with her in the room.

JULIO: I’m afraid she’s not coming.

LEON: Even if she is, that doesn’t mean anything, Julio. Maybe she couldn’t make it. Wait a bit, stay and look for her.

JULIO: I’m afraid not, I’m going to the bathroom for a moment and then I’ll take the bus.

Julio leaves the scene. Leon waits seated for his friend, while Ramona arrives at the station running.

RAMONA: Leon, where is Julio?

LEON: Don’t worry Ramona, he went to the bathroom for a moment.

Julio’s father approaches from a distance.

RAMONA: (frightened) Julio’s father, I have to hide, Leon. If he sees me I don’t know what he’s capable of doing.

Ramona walks away from them, Julio’s Father approaches Leon.

JULIO’S FATHER: Leon, where is my son?

LEON: I don’t know, I know he was coming here this morning, but I haven’t seen him.

JULIUS’ FATHER: Come, help me find him.

LEON: But…

JULIO’S FATHER: But nothing, besides, I think I saw the little girl who washed my son’s brain.

Julio’s father goes out with determination. Leon follows behind him. Julio appears with his backpack and meets Ramona’s father.


JULIO: Don’t worry, your daughter hasn’t come. You have nothing to worry about.

RAMONA’S FATHER: Of course she hasn’t come, I’ve come to tell you that I don’t want you to come near my daughter anymore.

JULIO: Don’t worry, I’m leaving and won’t bother you anymore.

Julio turns around and leaves. Ramona’s father leaves in the opposite direction. Ramona appears on the scene.

Station public address system: The train departing at seven o’clock has just left.

RAMONA: It’s gone. And with him goes a part of my heart. It was nice while it lasted.


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