Adaptation of the play “The Little Prince” (3 characters)

This script is an adaptation of the play “The Little Prince” for 3 characters. It shows how valuable it is to find beauty in simple things. Perhaps a rose for any person would be nothing more than that -a simple and ordinary rose-, but for the Little Prince that rose was unique and special, his first love.

Title of the play: “The Little Prince”.

Author of the adaptation: Ana María Rozo

3 Characters:

  1. The Little Prince
  2. Aviator
  3. Fox

Act I

Background with dark blue curtains. There is an airplane under repair in the center of the stage. The aviator appears, approximately 30 years old, wearing an old and worn aviator’s uniform. He has a mustache and is thin. The little prince is a boy about 8 years old, with golden hair wearing princely clothes and a yellow scarf.

Scene 1

Aviator: (Concerned) Even though I know I don’t fit in with the people in the rest of the world, it wasn’t my idea for my plane to get damaged in the middle of the desert.

The wind sounds and the aviator feels the cold of the night (sound of night in the desert).

Aviator: (In his hand he has the drawing of the elephant inside the snake) Here alone in the desert, I still don’t understand how the rest of the people see a hat. I see an elephant inside a snake! (holding his head and with a sad voice) I don’t understand why they see a hat.

The little prince appears, behind the aviator.

Little Prince: Can you draw me a lamb?

The aviator jumps in fright and turns to look at the little prince.

Little Prince: I’ve been told that lambs eat trees. My planet is going to end if I don’t get a lamb.

Aviator: (Turning to his plane) I’m sorry, I don’t have time to draw lambs right now.

Little Prince: (Making tantrum movements) This planet is just like the others, people who never have time, adults have to have things explained to them several times.

Aviator: (Turning to the little prince with an astonished look on his face) Do you know any other planets?

Little Prince: Yes, I knew a king without power, a drunkard who drank to forget he was a drunkard, a geographer who knows nothing but his own little world, a vain man who nobody looks at, and a miser who steals the stars (lowers his head). In none of these places did I feel good. Only on earth have I known only one thing worthwhile.

Aviator: (Intrigued) What is the only thing worthwhile?

Little Prince: A fox.

Scene 2

In the same scene with the dark blue curtain. There is a large tree with a small dark snake. On the right side is a field of red roses. The fox character is human looking but with orange fur and ears on top of his head.

Little Prince: (Looking at the field of roses) Isn’t my rose unique and special (he kneels down and bows his head)?

Fox: (Sitting down next to the little prince) Do you have a rose for yourself? Tell me what she looks like please friend.

Little Prince: (In a sad voice almost crying) She is beautiful. She lives with me on my planet. She is also vain and proud and wants me to pay attention only to her. (He stands up and points to the rose bush) What’s the use of my rose being beautiful if she is just like the others? She is not as unique as I thought.

Fox: (In the same position) You can only see well with the heart; the essential is invisible to the eyes.

The little prince looks at him and sits down next to the fox.

Little Prince: What do you mean by that?

Fox: It was the time you spent with your rose that made it so important.

Little Prince: (Getting up) Now I understand why my rose is so special. I must go be with her, I also learned that roses are not forever.

Fox: (Looking at the field of roses) Must we part now? You are the only friend I have ever had and ever will have. For me, you will be the only one in the world. For you, I will be the only one in the world, remember?

Little Prince: When you look at the stars, at night, as I live in one of them, as I laugh in one of them, it will be for you as if all the stars were laughing. You and only you will have stars that know how to laugh! (He walks away.)

Scene 3

Only the blue curtain.

Aviator: (Addressing the audience) Yes, I drew the lamb for the little prince, but I ask you a huge favor… if any of you see him again, please tell him that lambs also eat flowers.


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