Children’s play script about school bullying (6 characters or more)

In this short play we talk about a very important topic: bullying and how it affects the children who suffer it. It is a play in 3 acts that can be performed by 6 children or more characters.

Title of the play: “Juan, the little school boy”

Author: Nathalie Marin

6 Characters (or more):

  • Narrator (Voice-over)
  • Juan (The little boy in the class)
  • Ana Clara (Juan’s teacher)
  • Classmates (Juan’s classmates, at least 2 but can be more)
  • Yamal (The friendly superhero)

Act I

Narrator: Juan, the youngest in the class and teacher Ana Clara’s favorite, with his high IQ, used to create a pleasant atmosphere in the classroom. However, his self-esteem was declining day by day, due to the frequent bullying he was the victim of.

(Juan, his teacher and classmates in the classroom)

Ana Clara: Good morning my dear, please open your book on page 13. Juan, dear, could you please read?

Juan: With pleasure, teacher!

Narrator: The moment Juan stood up, all his classmates began to look at each other, and to laugh among themselves, as if pretending to play a prank on him.

(Juan walks timidly over to where his teacher is)

Teacher: Read from paragraph two please.

Juan: “As night fell, the beautiful lady was sleeping in her room, when suddenly Felipe decided to declare his love for her…”

Narrator: Immediately and for no reason at all, all his classmates began to laugh loudly.

Classmates: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Narrator: Juan, seeing the mockery of his classmates, threw the book on the floor and immediately ran out of the room, taking refuge in the masonry closet. When suddenly, as if by magic, he heard footsteps near the door.

Act II

(Juan begins to tremble unstoppably, gnashing his teeth. Then Yamal opens the door)

Yamal: Don’t be afraid, little one, I’ve come to help you and to cheer you up.

John: But… But who are you?

Yamal: I am Yamal, the great friend of all the little ones. Come on little friend, I have something to show you, follow me.

Narrator: After Juan’s amazement at seeing Yamal with his great strength and fortitude, he felt that he had finally found the solution to all the abuse he had suffered.


(Juan and Yamal look from a distance at the abusive boys standing in the dining room)

Juan: Look there they are, they are always waiting for me in the dining room to start making fun of me, whether it’s because of my height, my intelligence or anything else they can think of. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t like that.

Yamal: Never say that my friend, those talents make you unique. Wait a minute…

(Yamal walks through the dining room and starts ranting about a great event)

Yamal: I can’t believe I was saved by that little guy! If it wasn’t for him, I would have died choking on a piece of meat by now.

(Juan’s classmates approach Yamal)

Narrator: As Yamal is known by the children as the friendly superhero, they all decide to approach him to listen carefully to the details of such important news. Thus, Paco, the innate and curious leader, asks the following question.

Paco: Yamal, but… Who saved you? Please tell us.

Classmates: Yes, tell us, tell us (in unison)!

(Yamal thoughtfully, while Juan stares at him from the back of the dining room)

Yamal: He saved me, that little boy!….

(Yamal points to Juan, and all the classmates look astonished)

Classmates: What…?

Yamal: Yes, it was that little boy. Little boy, come here!

Narrator: Juan very shyly walks over to Yamal and his classmates.

(Yamal looks at him together with all his classmates, in total silence due to the commotion).

Juan: Hey, here I am… (shyly).

Classmates: eeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh! (Shouting with joy)

(Juan receives a big collective hug)

Narrator: What Juan least expected was to be surprised by the reaction of happiness of his classmates, thanks to what was declared by the individual who, without thinking, would mark a significant event in the life of that child. He learned that sometimes you only need to change the perspective of things, no matter the people or the place.

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