Christian play script on the value of the family (4 characters)

This is a Christian play for 4 characters. It teaches us a great lesson about how valuable family is and that we should enjoy what we have before it is too late and we have to regret what we have lost.

Title of the play: “Joshua’s Great Joy”

Author: Nathalie Marin

4 Characters:

  1. Joe (old man abandoned in the asylum).
  2. Matilda (Beautiful young woman who enlivens Joe’s soul)
  3. Martha (Joe’s daughter)
  4. Narrator (voice-over)

Act I

Narrator: A 63-year-old man named Joe was sitting on the porch of the old city asylum one Sunday morning when suddenly, for no reason, his daughter Martha arrived with eagerness to pay him a fast but mysterious visit.

(Martha parks her car near Joe’s house)

Joe: But what is Martha doing in these parts on a weekday?

(Martha approaches Joe)

Martha: Blessings Dad, how are you, how is your health?

Joe: Fine daughter, a little depressed because of this loneliness that is flooding me.

Martha: Dad, but you have us, your children.

Joe: Yes, I know, but you only visit me twice a year.

Martha: Dad, you don’t know how busy we all are, taking the children to school, preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, plus the long hours at the office, and so on and so forth.

Joe: It’s okay daughter, I understand.

Narrator: Joe is immediately saddened, and his daughter, without paying any attention to him, says goodbye and leaves quickly to immerse herself in the daily cares of life.

Act II

(Joe gets up from his chair and immediately goes to the chapel located inside that asylum)

Joe: Lord, tell me what can I do to heal this heart that has withered during these long years?

Narrator: While Joe was making this prayer, just outside the chapel was a beautiful young woman named Matilda, dedicated to the service of selfless help to others, who seeing the unstoppable crying of the hapless old man, decides to walk quickly to comfort him with a strong and warm hug.

(Matilda looks fixedly at Joe)

Matilda: Fear not, saith the Lord! So my dear, from now on always remember these words: Behind every situation, there is a beautiful blessing.

Joe: Thank you, beautiful young lady, for such sweet and comforting words.

(Joe bows his head before the Christ as a sign of gratitude to God).

Matilda: Come, join me for a nice lemon tea, it is very good for your digestion, did you know that?

(Joe smiles at Matilda).

Joe: How wonderful! No, I didn’t know that, and thank you very much for considering this old man that even his teeth hurt to talk (laughs).

(Matilda laughs very subtly).

Matilda: Don’t worry, if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that we should enjoy every moment of life.

Joe: That’s right young lady, and how wise you are for such a young age.

(Matilda talks for a long time with Joe)

Matilda: And tell me Joe, do you have children?

Joe: Yes, three, but I see them only twice a year.

(Joe makes a sad face)

Matilda: Don’t worry, they will surely come to share with you soon.

Joe: God hear you, beautiful young lady!


Narrator: After that afternoon, Matilda remains thoughtful and decides to prepare a surprise for Joe.

(Matilda calls Joe’s children on the phone)

Matilda: Hello, is this the house of Joe’s family?

Martha: Yes, who is this?

Matilda: I’m talking from the “Casa de Jesús” nursing home.

Martha: Aha, tell me, did something happen?

Matilda: We want to tell you that your father is going through a very difficult situation, and we need the presence of the whole family.

Martha: Oh my God, let’s go over there!

Narrator: Faced with such words, Joe’s family could only think that it was about his state of health, and they decide to buy him a beautiful rose bouquet to make his last moments unforgettable.

Act IV

(Arrival of Joe’s family at the asylum)

Matilda: Hello, welcome.

Martha: Hello! We came to see our father, we were told he was going through a difficult situation, and we want to say goodbye to him.

Matilda: Your father is not dying, but his heart is very bad.

Martha: Is it very serious?

Matilda: Let me explain, your father’s problem goes beyond physical.

(The three children immediately put a gesture of sadness on their faces)

Martha: Please, take us to see him!

Matilda: Okay, but first I have to tell you something: Your father is not here.

Martha: What, but you told us he was alive.

(Joe’s family makes an astonished face)

Matilda: Don’t worry, your father is fine, in good health thanks to God, right now he is with Mrs. Juana in the kitchen having his afternoon coffee.

Martha: You gave us such a scare, but why did you lie to us?

Matilda: Sometimes we don’t take advantage or value who we have by our side, but when we lose that loved one we regret not having shared enough with them. Now I urge all of you to love your father and share with him every day as if it were the last day of your life.

Narrator: Listening carefully to all these strong but true words, Joe’s family is perplexed while recognizing the wisdom expressed.

Martha: You are absolutely right, and thank you so much for removing the blindfolds from our eyes due to the inevitable hardships of life.

(Everyone looks at each other and bows their heads down)

Matilda: Don’t worry, now is the perfect time to live, Joe! They are looking for you….

Joe: I’m coming!

Narrator: At such a touching moment, Joe falls to his knees in tears, thanking Almighty God for the great joy of seeing his family reunited.

(Joe’s family hugs each other)

Matilda: (message to the audience) Dear, after what we have seen and represented, I invite you now to enjoy the most precious treasure that God has given you, and that will always be an irreplaceable pearl that will illuminate and support you in all your path: “the family”.

(All the actors unite and perform the gesture of giving thanks).

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