Christmas Eve play script (3 characters)

This is a Christmas play for 3 characters. It teaches us about the importance of sharing and trusting each other.

Title of the work: Christmas night

Author: Janet Mora

3 characters:

  1. Alex (thirteen years old kid)
  2. Lucas (thirteen year old street kid)
  3. Grandmother

SETTING: Lighting of the Christmas tree in the town square.

Act I

INTRODUCTION: It is the first night of Christmas. We see how all the children of the village are enjoying themselves in the square playing games and others eating delicious Christmas sweets.

Alex: Christmas is finally here! Holidays, presents and lots of delicious food is what awaits me during this month. Speaking of delicious food… I’ll buy a dessert, I won’t be long, Grandma!

Grandmother: I’ll be waiting for you, dear!

After a while we see Alex returning with two desserts; one for Grandmother and one for himself.

Alex: Grandma, there’s no doubt that the sweets in this town are the best in the world! Before we leave, I’ll buy another one to eat at home!

Grandmother: Oh my son, isn’t it too much candy for you?

Alex: It’s Christmas time, Grandma, it’s okay to eat even if you’re not hungry.

(a faint voice is heard from behind Grandmother)

Lucas: (with an evident sadness) Good evening. Excuse me, could you help me with some food? I’m very hungry and I don’t have enough money to buy something.

Grandmother: How old are you, son? What’s your name? you must be the same age as my grandson!

Lucas: My name is Lucas and I’m thirteen years old, ma’am.

Alex: (exalted) Yes, we are the same age. I doubt very much if it’s true what he’s saying, Grandma. Get out of here boy, leave my grandmother and me alone to eat.

Lucas: Excuse me. But since I heard you were going for another candy just for the pleasure of eating, I thought it wouldn’t be a bother for you to help me.

Lucas walks away. Grandmother and Alex follow him with their eyes.

Grandmother: Alex, you haven’t been too rough with him, have you? He’s just a boy who has nothing to eat.

Alex: I bet he’s lying to take money from us, Grandma. It’s very typical at this time of the year!

Lucas approaches the dessert stand. A boy drops a piece of candy on the floor and accidentally steps on it. Seeing this, Lucas takes advantage of the situation, picks it up from the ground and puts it in his mouth.

Grandmother and Alex can’t believe what they are seeing.

Alex: Wait for me here, Grandma, I’m coming!

Alex approaches Lucas and stops his hand.

Alex: Don’t eat that, boy, you could get sick!

Lucas: I don’t care if I get sick. I’m too hungry and this is the only thing that can soften it a little.

Alex: Forgive me for not believing you, Lucas. I thought you were lying to take advantage of us. Come with me!

Alex and Lucas arrive at the dessert stand.

Alex: Choose the one you like the most, Lucas!

Lucas: (with a huge smile) Wow, there are so many and they look so delicious! I don’t know which one to choose.

Alex: (laughing) Yes, Lucas! They’re all really delicious, but I recommend my favorite, which is the milk cake.

Lucas: Well then, make it a milk cake!

Lucas starts to devour the cake so fast that in less than a minute he eats it all.

Alex: Wow, you were really hungry.

Lucas: You don’t know how much!

Grandmother approaches Alex and Lucas with great excitement.

Grandmother: Boys! Boys! Look, they are about to light the tree.

All the people in the square stop what they are doing to approach the tree and watch the lighting. A three-meter pine tree filled with thousands of colored lights is the only thing that illuminates the square and with it, the happy faces of all those present. Alex looks at Lucas.

Alex: Lucas, would you like to come to my house for dinner on Christmas Eve, with my grandmother and me?

Lucas: It would be the best Christmas Eve I have ever had.

Grandmother: (smiling) I think this Christmas has brought me another grandson! And that’s what this time of year is about. Sharing with our neighbors can bring us many unexpected joys. It is the best month to give without expecting to receive something in return. Many times, helping those who have less than you, brings more joy to the heart than buying material things.


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