Fantasy short play script with 6 characters

In this short 3-act play, good morals are taught through fantasy scenes and topics. The script is designed to be performed by 6 characters.

Title of the play: “The Magic Song of Johan”.

Author: Nathalie Marin

6 Characters:

  • Narrator (Voice-over)
  • Divinity (Voice of wisdom)
  • Johan (The dreamer of the sea)
  • Jasiel (The key to freedom)
  • Japheth (Master of martial arts)
  • Abad (The great philosopher of the high seas)

Act I

(Johan standing on the shore of the pier)

Narrator: In the afternoon of a sunny day, stood a lofty young man with dreamy eyes near the pier, gazing at the beautiful waves as they passed.

Johan: How many dreams, how many goals, how much uncertainty passes through my thoughts, without knowing, without knowing what my future will be. So much beauty that exists in the world, but so little appreciated. So much knowledge, but all superfluous.

(Johan bewildered by the vanity of the world)

Narrator: Despite Johan’s arduous concern for the reality of the bewildering world, suddenly from the depths of the waters of that place, he heard a beautiful melody that in its lyrics said: “Every dreamer wants to see the light and only those who look for it find it”.

(Johan fell to his knees with a smile on his face).

Johan: Admirable, I can’t believe what I just heard in the gloom of my disillusionment; for there is nothing more beautiful than the singing of the sea, like a spell emanating from my heart that placidly consumes my being.

(Johan with a tender look falls into tears)

Narrator: And so, like a lightning bolt falling from the sky, Johan glimpsed a small gold medal, inside a precious snail lying on the dock, with a mysterious message that only he could receive.

Johan: But what’s that, it looks like it was sent by the gods, it’s so shiny! No one would know how to value it.

(Johan detailing the medal and the snail)

Johan: Magnificent, it has a message, I think the eternal divinities of the sea want to talk to me (Johan brings the snail to his ear).

Divinity (voice-over): “Touch the guard and you will discover the light of wisdom, and at the moment you think it is necessary, repeat three times Lux, Lux, Lux”.

Narrator: Johan, between his nerves and the madness before such an unexpected situation, took the snail and blew inside it producing a dazing and penetrating sound of call, which would take him without thinking to a place that he never imagined to inhabit. But before going, three men would come looking for him.

(Jasiel, Japheth, and Abad come forth from the waters of the high seas).

Act II

(Johan is frightened when he sees the three men emerge from the sea: Jasiel, Japheth and Abad)

Johan: This is not real, it’s not possible, but… how?

Narrator: Approaching the eldest of them, with a crown on his forehead, he said to him instantly.

Jasiel: I am your protector, your messenger of light. Now, listen carefully to what I am going to tell you: To cross the sea, you will have to pass a test, my companions will help you, but every decision will be in your hands.

Narrator: So it was then, as Johan undertook that epic journey that he would never allow himself to forget.

(Jasiel introduces his servants Japheth and Abad)

Jasiel: This is Japheth; who with his high skill for the martial arts from immemorial centuries ago, will teach you in the evenings all the necessary defense mechanisms, for your battle to face.

(Johan shakes hands with Japheth)

Johan: It will be a pleasure for me to be your master disciple (Johan bows his head down in an act of respect and reverence).

Jasiel: Likewise, I introduce you to master Abad, who with his excellent wisdom in his studies of philosophy, will prepare you in every science during the morning hours.

Johan: I am glad to have you as my guide (Johan bows his head down in respect and reverence).

Narrator: From that moment on, the intrepid and extravagant young man decides to join that adventure. However, after three months of intensive daily training, Japheth approaches Johan to have a very pleasant conversation with him.

(Johan at the top of a mountain with Japheth)

Japheth: For all the improvement you achieved in such a short period of time, I want to tell you that I regard you as fully physically trained.

(Johan places his right hand on his other hand and lowers his head as a sign of honor and respect).

Narrator: After talking with Japheth, the young man with hasty step descends the mountain, to go to Abad’s hut to tell him the news. But what he did not expect, was the precious subtle act that would happen that night.

(Johan at Abad’s hut)

Johan: Abad, I have excellent news for you, I have concluded my training with Japheth, you don’t know the joy that fills my heart at this moment.

Abad: My sincere congratulations dear student; surely today you will be filled with incalculable happiness, because I also consider that you have acquired the indispensable knowledge for your battle, but always remember this statement: “We never stop learning”.

Johan: Dear master, how happy you make me with that teaching. Stories like this one will live on in my thoughts even though the years pass and my flesh is only bone.

(Abad bows his head down as a sign of respect to Johan)


(Johan, Japheth and Abad on the shore of the pier)

Narrator: Johan, standing again on the dock, next to the two men who helped him, was ready to fight. Suddenly, Jasiel appeared unexpectedly ready to fight, because in order to cross the sea it was him who he had to face.

(Johan looks puzzled at Jasiel)

Johan: Are you the one I have to fight with?

Jasiel: That’s right.

(Johan and Jasiel in fighting position)

Narrator: Although Johan was still in a state of shock at that hard to believe answer, he did not hesitate to accept, in order to achieve what his heart longed to obtain, which was: “true freedom”. However, at that moment he remembered the wise words he had heard on the afternoon of the sunny day.

Divinity: “At the instant you think it necessary, repeat three times Lux, Lux, Lux”.

(Johan looking up to the sky in a grateful way)

Johan: Jasiel, you are my protector, my conscience and my guide; even from you have come to me Japheth and Abad, great masters of light. That is why today, believing fervently in the power of words, I have decided to enunciate: Lux, Lux, Lux.

(Jasiel begins to tremble, under a radiant energy that immediately floods his body.)

Narrator: Before the irresistible power of what was said, that man fell quickly, becoming supernaturally in the key that would open the door that Johan so desired. For there is nothing hidden that cannot be found.

(Jasiel transforms into a key)

Narrator: after this inexplicable event, Japheth and Abad vanished into thin air, and like words on the wind a translucent phrase was heard in unison.

Japheth and Abad: “When wisdom and light predominate, the darkness dissipates and transforms into what you need.”

(Johan looks back briefly and then forward, placing the fingers of his hands against each other)

Narrator: Johan that night discovered the magical secret that would provide him the way out of any interesting and complicated circumstance that could happen in his life. So he incorporated these two philosophies.

Johan: “There is no greater treasure than wisdom, for that which is serenely achieved will never enter into discord.” Likewise, “All longed-for dreams will always be possible, for when there is perseverance, results never cease to exist”.


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