Man and dog play script about love (2 characters)

In this example of a short play for 2 characters, a man and his dog have a very close relationship, so much that they can communicate. It talks about love and loneliness.

Title of the play: “DOG LOVE-R”

Theatrical text based on the friendship between a man and his pet.

Author: Leslye Rivera Casanoba

2 characters:

  1. MAN
  2. DOG


A table and chair are placed at the center of the stage. On the table, there is a dog walking collar. In the right corner are two plates. One with water and one with dog food. Under the table is a small rug. On top of the carpet, a dog is sleeping. In the background we hear the sound of keys and a door, simulating the arrival of a person. The dog wakes up attentive and happy. He runs all over the stage. After a few seconds, his owner enters. A man in his 30’s dressed semi-formally with a computer bag. He walks slowly and tiredly after an exhausting workday.


DOG: (Jumping up) Yes! You’re finally here! I’m so glad to see you, really. My whole body is jumping and dancing to the sound of your arrival (Dances and sings a happy song). Please, let’s get out quickly, I can’t stand the urge anymore… (Dog with the urge to go to the bathroom).

MAN: Hello (Caresses Dog’s head) I’m so tired (Leaves the briefcase on the table and sits on the chair).

DOG: I know, I know… I really understand your tiredness. It must be very tiring to be out of the house all day doing who knows what… but please… I beg you… let’s go out now! (Moving around).

MAN: Well, all right. Let me get a bag, the water, put your leash on and we’ll go (Reaches into his briefcase for a bag and water. He takes the leash that is on the table and puts it on Dog).

DOG: Yeah, you’re the best buddy… I love you!

MAN: Let’s go (They both leave the stage).


Dark stage. The table, the chair, the carpet and the two plates are removed. A diagonal bench with a pair of flower pots is placed on one third of the stage. Leave the center unoccupied to allow the scene to unfold and give the actors freedom. Man and Dog enter the stage from the front of the bench. Dog has plenty of energy and begins to spin around. Man, tired and discouraged, sits on the bench. Dog keeps moving around and sniffing the corners of the stage looking for a place to relieve himself.

DOG: We’re here! Finally! (Searching action) Where… where… where… where… here! Perfect! What a relief, what a delight… I couldn’t stand it, I was about to explode.

MAN: (Sitting with arms outstretched across the back of the bench) You needed it, didn’t you?

DOG: (Feeling relieved) Oh yes, that flavored water you left me in the morning was delicious and I drank it all (Sits at the center of the stage).

MAN: That kind of water is very bad for you. (Guiltily) I was so late I didn’t notice and grabbed the first bottle I could find. Forgive me.

DOG: Don’t worry, old man! I drink and eat whatever you give me. I’m not gloating or whining (He starts scratching his ear).

MAN: (Sad) I don’t take good care of you. I don’t deserve to have you.

DOG: Don’t think so much. The water was good. It could have been worse. Imagine if you don’t leave me water. Terrible brother! But don’t worry, it’s all better in the park! (Walking around the stage happily).

MAN: (Smiling slightly) You’re the best.

DOG: I’m the best companion of all. Faithful to the death (Simulating a heroic posture).

MAN: The most faithful.

DOG: I missed you a lot today, buddy. Like every day. I don’t understand why you leave so early in the morning and come back at night. Late. Tired. Life at home is wonderful. I sleep all day.

MAN: I’d love to be able to stay in the apartment.

DOG: Then do it! We could come to the park and walk all day. Being in the park makes everything better. Here we can breathe, play, run, walk… scratch (Starts scratching again) Here you can feel the freedom!

MAN: (Excited) We should come here more often. Do something different. Meet more people.

DOG: Of course, old man!

MAN: I could practice some sport…

DOG: Excellent idea, I like your thinking! While you’re practicing I can watch you (Stares at him), cheer you up (Starts doing the barre), run with you (Runs around the bench), sleep next to a tree (Lies down on the ground and starts snoring loudly), a lot of things! Can I have some water?

MAN: Here you go (Man gives Dog water in a bottle).

DOG: Thank you! (Licking Man as a token of thanks).

Music plays announcing the arrival of a woman and her pet. The characters are imaginary for the audience, but real for the actors. Man and Dog begin to look to the other end of the stage and are mesmerized. The music begins to drop.

DOG: What do I see over there! A couple of pretty girls. The tall one for you and the spotted one for me… (Staring) I love the brown fur ones! (Dog wants to get closer but Man stops him by holding on to his collar).

MAN: No! Easy.

DOG: Come on! We’re lonely, man! We need company and they’re perfect for us. Look, the tall girl has headphones, she probably likes music, just like you.

MAN: (Looks at her in delight for a few seconds, then turns back to affirm Dog) Easy! Sit!

DOG: Come on! Come on! They’re sitting in front of us and we’re not doing anything… Bro! It’s just crossing to the front and talking. Nothing else! I’m an expert when it comes to conquests (With the air of a seducer) Just by smelling them I know what they want and what they like.

MAN: That’s enough! Sit, sit, sit!

DOG: Okay. (He calms down) I’m your friend and I owe you respect, but I think this is our chance to live love… I really do. Look at them… (Both look at the visitors smiling in love) yes they are both beautiful.

MAN: (In love) How cute…

DOG: Now! It’s now or never. I’m coming! (Dog walks gallantly to the other end of the bench).

MAN: (Nervous) No! Come!

DOG: (Talking to the pet) Hello beautiful… (Begins to smell) You smell exquisite…

MAN: (Takes a deep breath, fixes his hair and walks to the other end where Dog is) Excuse me… no, don’t worry, he’s not a dangerous dog, he just likes to play. (With some shyness) His name is Rocco (Points to the dog) What’s your pet’s name?

Lights off. Music in the background. Curtain closes.


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