Play about love and brotherhood (5 characters)

This is a play for 5 characters -where one of them is a dog-. It tells the story of 2 brothers who are betrayed by their own sister when she wants to cover up for a street dog they wanted to adopt.

Title of the work: Brotherhood

Author: Janet Mora

4 characters:

  1. Mary (eight year old sister)
  2. Juliet (nine year old sister)
  3. Paul (eleven years old, older brother)
  4. Spot (the Dalmatian dog)
  5. Mom

SETTING: Garden of Mary, Juliet and Paul’s house.

INTRODUCTION: Paul appears in the garden with a small Dalmatian dog.

Act I

Paul: (shouting excitedly) Juli! Mary! Come and see what I’ve brought!

We see Juliet and Mary running towards Paul.

Mary: but what a beautiful little thing Paul, where did you get it?!

Paul: He was alone in the street. I think a bad family abandoned him.

Juliet: I think mom won’t let you keep him.

Paul: Probably. I was thinking of hiding him in the little house in the garden while I think of a good idea for us to keep him.

Mary: Count on me for that!

Act II

Juliet enters the kitchen and approaches her mother.

Juliet: (in a low voice) Mom! Mom! Paul and Mary are hiding a dog in the little house in the garden.

Mom: (surprised) A dog? And where did they get a dog? Let’s go to the house now!

Mom and Juliet go to the garden. We see Mary and Paul closing the door of the little house in a hurry.

Mom: Paul and Mary, what are you doing there?

Paul: (nervously) Nothing, Mom, we’re just putting away some old things!

Juliet: That’s a lie, mom, Paul is lying!

Mary: Juliet!

Mom approaches the little house and opens the door in surprise. She can’t believe her eyes.

Mom: (with tenderness) Paul, Mary. I am really touched and proud of you. Helping this abandoned dog and giving him a home says a lot about your good feelings. Why didn’t you tell me this before?

Juliet: Mom, you have to scold them, they lied to you!

Mom: Juliet, I feel disappointed. Instead of helping your brothers take care of this dog, you went straight to accusing them with me. I understand that you didn’t want to get into trouble, but sometimes we must collaborate and keep secrets when it comes to generous actions like these.

Paul: Mary and I are sorry we kept this from you.

Mary: (interrupting Paul) and we are also sorry we took one of your pillows to give it to Spot.

Mom: (laughing) Don’t worry my children.

Juliet: Now I feel bad. I have to admit that I was a little envious that it wasn’t me who got the dog. I want to help take care of Spot . Can we adopt him?

Mom: Of course you can adopt him! As long as Juliet, you promise me that you will always be on your siblings’ side when it comes to things like this. Siblings are there to support and be loyal to each other always.

Suddenly Spot manages to get out of the little house in the garden and runs straight to lick Mom’s face, we see how Mary, Juliet and Paul laugh out loud.


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