Play script about an invisible love (7 people)

This is a play script for 7 characters in 3 acts. It teaches us about the importance of love and shows us that nobody is perfect, we are all unique and special beings.

Title of the work: “Without looking”.

Author: Manuel Martínez

7 characters:

  1. NOAH- Young man of 26 years old, he was born invisible which makes it very difficult for him when it comes to finding love, but social networks open a door for him to participate. He has to dress with his body covered with bandages and a raincoat that hides him from others.
  2. IVÁN- 28 years old, Noah’s childhood friend, is the only one who believes Noah and treats him well.
  3. MARISA- 24 years old, she is one of the girls Noah chats with.
  4. ELENA- 25 years old, she is one of the girls Noah chats with.
  5. EVA- 26 years old, she is one of the girls that Noah chats with.
  6. JULIA- 28 years old, blind girl with whom Noah finds his better half.
  7. BOY 1.- 30 year old man who sits next to Julia in the cinema.


Noah, 26 years old, is an invisible boy, dressed in bandages, a raincoat and sunglasses, he is completely covered with clothes so as not to scare people.

(Characters that intervene in this act Noah, Iván and Marisa)

Noah and his friend Iván wait seated at a corner table in a cafeteria, away from the rest of the customers.

NOAH: He’s not coming. I’m sure and it’s almost better that he doesn’t come, I don’t want another scene where they laugh at me or run away scared.

IVAN: Relax Noah, that’s only happened once.

NOAH: One time after another, you mean, don’t you?

IVAN: But don’t get the worst of it, besides, why would she laugh at you?

NOAH: Excuse me, look at me, if I don’t wear these bandages and this outfit you wouldn’t be able to see me. How many girls do you think take me seriously?

IVAN: I take you seriously, Noah.

NOAH: Yeah, but you’re the only one. And because I’ve known you since we were kids.

Marisa enters the cafeteria, looks around and sits alone at another table. Noah hides behind the cafeteria menu.

NOAH: Look at her, she just walked in.

IVÁN: Well, she’s pretty. Well, will you come closer?

Noah shake his head in denial.

NOAH: You’d better go over and talk to her.

IVAN: Me? but you’re the one who has to talk to her.

NOAH: Please..

IVAN: All right. I’m going to test the waters.

Ivan gets up and approaches Marisa’s table, who smiles at the sight of him. He sits down next to her and they start talking.

NOAH: How envious, he doesn’t have to hide or anything, like me.

(Noah watches them from his table, he sees how they laugh).

It’s going to go wrong, I know, when I introduce myself it never goes well. Nobody believes I’m invisible. I’m sure she’ll come up and laugh at me now, that’s if she doesn’t run away scared, or get angry because she thinks it’s a joke.

(Iván points at Noah and they both look at him).

I have to get out of here.

Noah runs out of the cafeteria, while everyone follows him with their eyes.


(Characters that intervene in this act Noah, Elena, Eva and Julia)

Noah is in his room, writing in front of the computer. A spotlight in the middle of the scene will illuminate the girls who will chat with him.

NOAH: I’ve always been alone, i´m an invisible guy, impossible to approach people without scaring them. But social networks have given me the opportunity to approach girls. First it was Elena.

(He turns around and starts typing on a computer).

Hahaha, you’re right. It would be great if we could get to know each other, but you have to know one thing about me.

Elena enters the scene, a spotlight illuminates her, with a cell phone in her hand. She chats with Noah

ELENA: And what is it? You’re not going to tell me that you’re a 50-year-old man who’s been cheating on me all this time.

NOAH: No way, no way. Look, don’t be scared, but I’m invisible, I was born that way.

ELENA: Of course, and I’m wonder woman. Hahaha, come on.

NOAH: No, no, seriously Elena. I’m being honest with you.

ELENA: I mean, you’re a funny guy. Look, kid, go laugh at someone else.

Elena leaves the scene. Noah turns around and leaves the computer.

NOAH: Elena was one of those who got angry, there were also those who laughed at me.

Noah o goes back to the computer. Eva enters the scene.

EVA: Invisible, but can’t you see anything at all?

NOAH: Nothing at all.

EVA: How cool, isn’t it? And you take the opportunity to steal whatever you want or scare people, hahaha.

NOAH: Well, not always, it’s like everything else.

EVA: And your clothes are also invisible.

NOAH: Obviously not. I almost always wear bandages so as not to scare people.

Eva: Bandages? What a ridiculous thing to do. Hahaha.

Eva leaves the scene. Noah turns around and leaves the computer again.

NOAH: And so many others. I thought I was always going to be alone, until I met Julia.

Julia enters the scene. Noah returns to the computer.

NOAH: At the cinema, is where you want us to meet, but we’re not going to be able to see each other.

JULIA: Well, you’re invisible, aren’t you? I wouldn’t be able to see you then either.

NOAH: And it doesn’t bother you?

JULIA: What?

NOAH: About me being invisible.

JULIA: We all have something, Noah.

NOAH: But it’s true! I’m not kidding.

JULIA: And I believe you.


(Characters that intervene in this act Noah, Julia and Boy 1)

A darkened movie theater. Julia sits in an armchair looking at the screen. Noah enters the scene looking for her with his eyes until he finds her and sits down next to her.

NOAH: (Whispering) Hello.

JULIA: (Without taking her eyes off the screen, she whispers to Noah’s side) Hello.

NOAH: So, how’s it going, what do you think?

JULIA: Very good, the movie is very nice.

NOAH: I meant about me.

JULIA: Well, I don’t know, you tell me. Are you all right?

NOAH: I mean about me, about being invisible, if I look good to you, otherwise you’ll run away scared.

JULIA: You sure know how to sell yourself well, hehe. Relax Noah, I already told you that we all have our things. Maybe I’m the one who has something that makes you run away from me.

A couple approaches Julia’s seat.

GUY 1: Excuse me, is this seat taken?

JULIA: No, no, it’s free.

Julia grabs her purse and a blind man’s cane that is on top of the free seat next to her and passes it to Noah.

JULIA: Please, Noah, can you put it over there?

NOAH: Sure.

(Noah grabs the bag and takes a closer look at the blind cane. He smiles)

JULIA: Well, where were we?

NOAH: I was about to invite you to dinner after the movie. If you want to, of course.

JULIA: I’d love to.

Julia smiles.


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