Play script about an orphan and the family (5 characters)

This is a play script for 5 characters. It teaches us that sometimes because we long for other things and think negatively about not getting them, we do not realize the real good and beautiful things that surround us.

Title of the play: “Carlos and his biggest dream”.

Author: Nathalie Marin

5 Characters:

  1. Narrator (Voice-over)
  2. Carlos (Orphan boy)
  3. José (Carlos’ best friend)
  4. Don Grimaldo (Husband of Marisela)
  5. Marisela (Caretaker of the orphanage)

Act I

(Carlos sitting in a chair by the window)

Narrator: One day in August, Carlos was looking out the window of the orphanage “Casa de luz”, very sad and distressed by the loneliness emanating from that place, because all he wanted was to have a family.

(Carlos sitting near the window looking at the horizon)

Carlos: Oh, (in a sighing tone) how much I would like to have a home, with a brave father and a beautiful mother who takes care of me and pampers me every day, as if I were the ray of sunshine that lights up her life.

(Carlos turns and looks with sad eyes at Marisela, his caregiver.)

Narrator: After those touching words from Carlos, when the clock strikes four o’clock Marisela decides to approach the little boy, then with a soft voice she asks him.

(Marisela approaches Carlos and places her hand on Carlos’ shoulder)

Marisela: Carlitos, what’s wrong with you, what are you so upset about today?

(Carlos looks sadly and indifferently at Marisela)

Carlos: It’s nothing, Miss Marisela.

(Carlos immediately bows his head down and his eyes become teary)

Marisela: Don’t lie to me, I’ve known you for ten years, I took you in my arms when you were just a baby.

(Carlos stares at Marisela).

Carlos: The truth is that I feel very sad. So many years have passed and no one has adopted me, I still don’t know what it’s like to have a home. Sometimes I feel like a prisoner.

(Carlos bursts into tears)

Narrator: Unexpectedly, Marisela’s husband hears Carlos’ words and looking at him with intrigue, he says.

Don Grimaldo: Young man, what did you say just now? Now listen very carefully to my advice: From time to time it is good to take time to look at what is behind every circumstance, and thus observe with great care and detail everything beautiful that surrounds you.

Act II

(Carlos places his face in a gesture of thought)

Narrator: Faced with such a statement, Carlos begins to inquire into the deep meaning of the words expressed by Don Grimaldo, asking himself.

Carlos: What should I see that I am not observing? What should I value that I am not appreciating?

(Carlos, looking at a fixed point, remembers everything he has lived in the orphanage).

Narrator: After meditating for a few minutes, Carlos understands those words emanated by Marisela’s wise husband, and immediately expresses the following:

Carlos: But, why didn’t I see it, why didn’t I realize it, this is my home, the people here are my family. The beautiful Miss Marisela with her care, the soccer games with my best friend José who is like my brother, the sayings of Marisela’s grumpy grandfather, and the sweet daily sharing with all the other classmates who live here, who in one way or another have given me a helping hand when I have needed it the most.

(José runs to Carlos)

José: Carlitos come and play soccer with us.

(Carlos thinks for a while)

Carlos: Uh yeah, sure, let’s go!

Narrator: Carlos quickly walks to the central courtyard, while a phrase that he would never forget runs through his mind.

Carlos: Anything I want I can achieve, but all I have to do is live, value, appreciate, and never stop dreaming.


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