Play script about drugs and addictions (8 characters)

This short play for young audiences talks about drugs and addictions, the dangers and how to resist these temptations. It is a play in 2 acts for 8 characters.

Title of the play: “Pedro, Disoriented”

Author: Nathalie Marin

8 Characters:

  • Narrator (Voice-over)
  • Pedro (Innocent and disoriented boy)
  • Raúl (Young addict)
  • José (Raúl’s friend)
  • Anthony (Raúl’s friend)
  • Esteban (Crafty boy)
  • Karen (Pedro’s mother-voice-over)
  • Isaiah (Wise man and counselor)

Act I

Narrator: Pedro, a boy only 10 years old, found himself one day walking the streets of his neighborhood, disoriented in the world, with nothing to eat, no friends, and no one who understood the situation he was going through. For, he had just recently lost his mother, his great irreplaceable treasure, due to a serious illness that had affected her for more than seven years.

(Pedro walking down the street, hands in his pocket, looking in all directions)

Pedro: Mother, how could I not miss you, if you were the one who gave me life, my only family!

Narrator: With a great sadness on his face, and very thoughtful, Pedro carefully observed three young men sitting on one of the sidewalks of the street, who were smoking exaggeratedly.

Raul: Hey you!

Pedro: Who, me?

Raul: Yes, you. Don’t you want some, look, it will take away that sorrow you have in your eyes.

Narrator: Pedro, very innocent of the realities of life, approached them, not knowing what would happen to him.

(Pedro walks towards Raul and his two friends)

Pedro: Tell me, do you have anything to eat, I’m very hungry, I haven’t eaten anything all day.

Raul: Don’t worry, we’ll get something in a while, but… come on, sit down with us.

(Pedro sits down next to Raúl)

Raul: Tell us what happened to you.

(Pedro looks at the ground with a great sadness on his face)

Pedro: I am very sad, because yesterday my mother passed away, and she was the only person I had in the world.

Raul: That’s too bad, my friend, but come and smoke a little, nothing will happen to you, on the contrary, it will ease your sorrow.

(Raul’s friends gesture to Pedro by way of an invitation)

José and Anthony: Come on boy, nothing will happen to you.

Narrator: Pedro, at Raul’s insistence and the vociferation of his friends, decides to accept the proposal.

(Pedro begins to laugh uncontrollably)

Raul: How do you feel now?

Pedro: I feel like I’m being tickled a thousand times in my chest.

Raul: Ha ha ha, good, friend, good.

(Raul and his group of friends begin to laugh in unison)

Narrator: As the days, months and years went by, Pedro, a young man of fifteen, was submerged in an addiction that seemed irreversible from afar.

Act II

(Pedro sitting with two friends on the sidewalk, while a disoriented boy passes by on the street, just like him a few years ago)

Pedro: Hey friend, come and share with us, so you can relax a little.

Esteban: No, my friend, but thanks.

Pedro: What, are you going to tell me that you don’t want to laugh a little, I can tell you’ve been through a lot of pain.

Esteban: Yes, my friend, my mother just passed away.

Pedro: All the more reason, come here boy, sit down for a while.

Esteban: Thanks my friend, your offer is very tempting, but I know that my mother would have liked me to fight for my dreams, and so I will; even if I have to work hard, I won’t give up.

(Esteban continues walking without looking back, while Pedro remains thoughtful)

Narrator: After the profound words of that boy, Pedro immediately remembered the image of his beautiful mother, who told him these words minutes before her death.

Karen: My son, promise me that you will never stop fighting for your dreams. Remember that even though I am not physically in this world, I will never abandon you, I will always dwell there in your beautiful heart. Don’t look back, but go forward, walking every day on the right path towards the goal.

(Pedro falls into a deep cry)

Pedro: Mother, how did I forget your last words and your greatest wish, forgive me!

Narrator: Pedro’s weeping was so sincere that a wise man of advanced age stopped to comfort him as he passed by.

Isaiah: Young man, I don’t know what has happened to you, but what my heart tells you today is that it is never too late to start over.

Narrator: Hearing those words, a great joy ran through the body of that young man, who one day as a child, made the wrong decision.

(Pedro stands up and hugs the gentleman in gratitude)

Pedro: In my innocence, years ago I fell into a great vice, but today I decide to stand up with great fervor and encourage the children, like me or like Raul, so that they never allow the situation to lead them to fall into an irreparable addiction.


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