Play script about family problems and violence (7 characters)

This short play (3 acts) talks about family problems and domestic violence and how they affect those who receive it and continue the chain of violence. The script is to be performed by 7 people.

Title of the play: “Jesse’s inappropriate behavior”

Author: Nathalie Marin

7 Characters:

  1. Narrator (Voice-over)
  2. Jesse (13 year old misbehaving teenager)
  3. Ryan (Jesse’s friend)
  4. Ronald (new kid)
  5. Charles (Jesse’s dad)
  6. Damian (17 year old high school student)
  7. Daniel (16 year old high school student)

Act I

Narrator: Jesse, a rebellious teenager who specializes in humiliating and beating the kids in his school. Unexpectedly, in the blink of an eye, he will transform his life.

(Jesse greets his friend Ryan, clapping the backs of his palms together, and then claps his fisted hands together.)

Ryan: What’s up buddy, how are you doing?

Jesse: Great, just waiting to see what new kid comes in to mess with for a while.

(Ryan and Jesse laugh in unison)

Narrator: Like any first day of school, the new faces make their presence known; as Jesse looks for a way to tease.

Jesse: Hey you in the blue cap, give me your snack.

Ronald: But… Why?

Jesse: Shut up kid, just give it to me.

(A beautiful girl walks down the hallway and then ignores Jesse and Ryan.)

Ryan: Dude, how cute is that girl!

(Jesse with a smitten look on his face)

Jesse: Yeah, how beautiful she is.

Act II

Narrator: Daniel and Damian, two brothers who had seen Jesse’s inappropriate behavior for years, decided to investigate why he was mistreating and beating children unfairly. So, at the end of the class, they proceeded to intrude to accomplish their mission.

(Daniel and Damian hiding in the bushes near Jesse’s house)

Daniel: Look, Jesse has just arrived after his soccer practice.

Damian: Let’s see what he does as soon as he gets home!

(Daniel and Damian peeking inside the house with binoculars as Jesse enters).

Jesse: Hi Dad, how are you?

Charles: Get out of the way, instead of waving, tell me where is my money today.

Jesse: About that…

(Charles grabs Jesse by the shirt)

Chats: Give me my money I said!

(Charles punches Jesse, who falls roughly to the ground)

Narrator: As such an overwhelming event occurred, Jesse at first wanted to cry, but then rage consumed him from within for his father’s constant mistreatment of him, which has been happening in his home for several years.

(Daniel and Damian look at each other with frightened faces)

Daniel: I can’t believe what I just saw!

Damian: I’m as surprised as you are.

Daniel: Now we know the real reason why Jesse acts like this at school. Let’s go, Damian.

Narrator: Seeing such a degrading sight for any child, Damien and Daniel join forces to find a solution.


(Damian gets ready to greet Jesse, as agreed)

Damian: What’s up Jesse?

Jesse: Nothing new, why do you ask (in a serious tone)?

(Daniel walks up to Damian and Jesse surprising them from behind)

Daniel: Guys, good to see you. I just wanted to invite you to play a game of soccer.

(Jesse looks at Daniel and Damian in surprise, but still accepts the invitation)

Jesse: Sure, great, let’s go.

Narrator: After finishing the game, the three boys get ready to rest. But first, Daniel looks for a way to take advantage of the situation.

Daniel: You guys know I have a confession to make – my parents are foster parents!

Jesse: And how do they treat you?

Daniel: Fine, although sometimes they scold me, but that’s normal, when I misbehave. (laughs).

Jesse: That’s good, and I understand. In my case, since my mom left us five years ago, my dad scolds me frequently and hits me from time to time.

(Jesse, making a sad face, remembering his father’s frequent mistreatment)

Daniel: But that’s not right Jesse.

Jesse: I know!

(Damian listening to Jesse and Daniel’s conversation decides to intervene)

Damian: Justice always comes, just try to be the best example, without making the same mistake as your father. For there is nothing better than making a difference.


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