Play script about lies (3 characters)

This is a play for 3 characters. It is set in an educational institution and shows the story of two classmates who are about to be found out for lying about a job…

Title of the work: Can you help me?

Author: Ángeles Spinoza

3 Characters:

  1. Susana
  2. Rebeca
  3. Teacher

Part one

Two college girls are in a courtyard or garden. They are talking about the assignments due at the end of the semester.

Susana: You mean they’re all going to be final exams?

Rebeca: All of them

Susana: But then… the papers are canceled.

Rebeca: No. Exam and work.

Susana: Of all subjects?

Rebeca: (Exasperated) Yes, no teacher exempted anyone, and you know it’s always about the papers; production is the most important thing.

Susana: But that’s a lot! I won’t be able to learn all the theory and also deliver the work… (pause) When do we start?

Rebeca: Next week.

Susana: What?

Rebeca: You did know, didn’t you?

Susana: No, I had no idea…

Rebeca: It’s already December, that is, vacations, and usually, before vacations, there are finals.

Susana: I won’t make it!

Rebeca: It’s not that much, besides, you have nothing else to do (pause) and the production… you get it out fast.

Susana: What do you mean I have nothing else to do? On the weekend I’m going to the beach with Julian.

Rebeca: Well, cancel or study on the way and produce on the beach; I’m sure you’ll be more inspired.

Susana: I’m not going to cancel or work on my break.

Rebeca: Well, no and that’s it; you take your exams and see what comes out.


Susana: I’ve already solved it! I’m missing classes this week to study… what I don’t know is if I’m going to have enough time for the papers.

Rebeca: That’s easy for you.

Susana: The reports, yes… and sculpture… but human figure drawing is a horror! I’m not good at it, it takes me a long time and my drawings are always deformed, totally disproportionate…

Rebeca: That’s the first one.

Susana: What?

Rebeca: That one is due on Monday at 10 am.

Susana: But the deliveries are during class hours and we have classes on Thursday and Friday…

Rebeca: Yes, but remember that the teacher moved up the exam and the hand-in because she is going to a congress or something (pause) seriously, don’t you ever pay attention?

Susana: (very worried) But what am I going to do… I won’t be able to draw a little picture for Monday.

Rebeca laughs and starts drawing.

Susana: I know!

Rebeca: What?

Susana: Help me!

Rebeca: How?

Susana: Draw me the picture.

Rebeca: What! You’re crazy, I have to do mine!

Susana: Yes, but you do them in two minutes; (pleading) help me, will you?

Rebeca: So you can go to the beach in peace and quiet? Forget it, besides, he’s going to notice.

Susana: Of course not; we put different colors on it or we do… you man and me woman… or see what… besides, I have also supported you when you need me.

Rebeca: When?

Susana: Who is your alibi when you go out with…?

Rebeca: Don’t even say it! You don’t need to threaten me.

Susana: I’m not threatening you, only ….

Rebeca: (interrupts abruptly) Just because you’re my friend… but you’re inviting me to dinner afterwards.

Susana: Pizza.

Rebeca: Done!

Part two

Rebeca is sitting in a living room. Then Susana enters

Rebeca: (Seeing Susana) Did she call you too?

Susana: (Worried) Yes.

Rebeca: I told you she was going to find out!

Susana: Calm down, we still don’t know what it’s about. Besides, if no one confesses, we can’t be judged.

Rebeca: What are you saying?

Susana: Calm down! Wait and see what she says; maybe she wants to talk to us about something else.

Rebeca: (exasperated) What about?

Susana: I don’t know… about the contest, or about the presentation of our portfolio.

Rebeca: She has nothing to do with that.

Susana: Maybe she does, we don’t know who the judges are going to be, or anything.

Rebeca: Then she would be doing something against the rules, she could be kicked out of the university for that.

Susana: Who knows? Maybe she is even more corrupt than us.

Rebeca: Susana!

Susana: Rebeca!

The teacher enters

Teacher: Ladies, good morning.

Susana: Hello.

Rebeca: Good morning.

Teacher: How are you? Everything all right?

Both nod their heads; Susana a little more hurriedly. Long silence

Teacher: Don’t you have anything to tell me?

Susana: (Raising her hand) Are we here for the contest?

Teacher: What contest?

Susana: The one for the faculty’s anniversary poster. We submitted a proposal. The prize is great and…

Teacher: (interrupts) No, you are not here for the contest (pause) Rebeca?

Rebeca: Yes?

Teacher: Do you want to say something?

Rebecca: No… yes…. is there a problem?

Teacher: I was hoping you would tell me.


Teacher: The thing is, I was looking at your final papers….

Susana: The human figure drawing?

Rebeca: (mumbling) Shut up

Teacher: Yes, the only final paper you turned in for my subject.

Susana: (Nervous) What about the human figure drawing we turned in for your subject?

Rebeca: (Between teeth) Shut up!

Teacher: That your two drawings look too much alike.

Susana: That’s because we did it together.

Rebeca: Yes, that’s why.

Teacher: And did you draw exactly the same lines? To be more precise, they look too much like the drawings Rebeca has been doing all semester.

They both babble

Rebeca: It’s just that… (pause) we were practicing together and I gave her some tips on how I draw faster and …. that’s probably why they look so much alike.

Susana: But the colors are very different, and I drew a girl and she drew a man.

Rebeca: The other way around.

Susana: What?

Rebeca: I drew the girl and you drew the man.

Susana: Uh-huh…

Teacher: I believe you…

Rebeca and Susana: Yes?

Teacher: Yes, but I suspect that Susana has some inaccuracies in the tracing technique, just to corroborate, (incredulous. bringing a chalk to her) could you draw on the blackboard the silhouette of the girl? Just the silhouette, it’s easy, isn’t it?

Susana: (worried, to Rebeca) Can you help me?

Dark end

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