Play script about sisterhood (3 characters)

This is a play script for 3 characters about sisterhood. It teaches us that sisters should be united, be friends, not enemies, and support each other in the best and worst of times, because at the end of the day they are sisters.

Title of the play: “Sisters”

Author: Janet Mora

3 characters:

  1. Mom (40 years old)
  2. Ela (7 years old)
  3. Helena (9 years old).

SETTING: In a clothing store, we see two girls and their mother choosing some clothes.

INTRODUCTION: Ela and Helena are inside the fitting rooms measuring some dresses. We see Mom sitting in front of the fitting rooms with several pieces of clothing in her hand, waiting for Ela and Helena.

Act 1

Helena: (coming out of the fitting room with a noticeable joy) Oh mom, look at me, look how beautiful this dress looks on me! Its pink color brings out my cinnamon skin.

Mom: Yes Helena, that dress really suits you. Why don’t you try this one on so we can see more options (handing her one of the dresses she was holding in her hand).

Helena: I’ll be right backā€¦.

The door to the other fitting room opens and Ela comes out.

Ela: (looking disappointed) Mom, I don’t like this green dress at all. I think the color highlights my tummy too much, making me look like a fat frog.

Mom: What a thing to say, Ela, you look good. And the green brings out your brown eyes.

Ela: (with a tear running down one eye) I don’t know about that.

The door to the other fitting room bursts open and out comes Helena dancing.

Helena: (screaming with excitement) Mom, Mom, this green dress is definitely more to my liking, what a great choice you’ve made for me, you really know me!

Ela: (the expression on her face becomes annoyed as her cheeks redden) Mom, why did you give Helena a dress the same color as mine?

Mom: Because you are both sisters and I want you to wear a similar color.

Helena: (Laughing) Hahaha What’s wrong with you Ela, don’t you like how the green brings out your chubby tummy?

Ela: MOM!

Mom: That’s enough girls, what’s going on?

Ela: (turning to Helena) I hope you fall down at the party everyone makes fun of you.

Helena: The mockery will be on you Ela, looking like a frog in that green dress. Hahaha.

Ela goes at Helena and they start fighting. The people in the store are shocked to see the two sisters fighting so aggressively.


Helena: (sticking her tongue out at Ela) The truth is usually horrifying.

Ela: Mom!

Mom: Girls, you are sisters. You have to support each other. Don’t fight and tease each other like that. What’s wrong?

Ela: (with tears in her eyes) I’m sorry mom. But it makes me so angry to be fat. I look like a frog in this green dress and I can’t stand the thought of being made fun of by everyone at the party and even more so when Helena looks so thin and pretty in the same color.

Helena: Ela, I’m so sorry. I really said everything I said to upset you. You are my sister and I would never make fun of you on purpose.

Ela: A strange feeling came over me. I don’t know how to explain it. You are the pretty and popular sister and I am nobody. That makes me feel so angry inside.

Mom: Ela. That feeling you have is called envy. And it’s not good. We feel it when one person wants something that another person has, and that causes irritation that produces bad thoughts and makes us say things we don’t want to say. So much so, that you have not allowed yourself to observe how beautiful your eyes look with the color of the dress.

Ela: (looking at herself in the mirror and wiping her tears) You’re right mom. The green really brings out their sparkle. Mom, Helena, I’m so sorry. I really don’t want to be envious or react the way I did again.

Mom (hugging Ela): Don’t worry, honey. The best way to learn is to make mistakes. And we must work very hard for what we want in life, so we don’t feel that feeling towards other people. Envy damages one’s ability to enjoy and appreciate what one has. It also hurts the heart.

Helena: (approaches hugging mom and Ela) As a big sister I promise to always guide you, Ela. And I also promise never to make fun of you again, I know it increased your anger.

Act 2

We see Ela and Helena dancing together in the green dresses at a party full of boys and girls. Although the size difference between the two is obvious, they both look equally happy.


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