Play script about work (4 characters)

This is a play for 4 characters. It shows us the story of 4 people who are working in an office, they ask themselves some questions and imagine what would happen in the supposed cases.

Title of the play: “The imaginary of a Monday”.

Author: Leslye Rivera Casanoba

4 characters:

  1. Actor 1
  2. Actor 2
  3. Actor 3
  4. Actor 4

STAGE: Four tables and four chairs simulating office desks are placed at the center of the stage. One of the chairs must have wheels. A computer and a cup of tea are placed on each table. The actors sit at each desk writing a report. From time to time each actor looks at the computer screen or picks up the cup to drink. Voices of people, keystrokes and office noises are heard in the background.

First scene:

Actor 1: (Leaves his desk and walks to the center of the stage.) What would happen if I stop doing what I usually do? (Pause) What would happen if at this moment I keep silent and leave my body paralyzed? (He looks towards the other actors. All three become paralyzed at the same time staring at the audience) I’ll try to do it to see what happens (He returns to his location and joins the others. Everyone remains paralyzed).

Actor 2: (Exits his desk and walks to the center of the stage). In two hours, Barbara, my office mate, would ask questions about the everyday and no one would answer her. Probably, not hearing my voice, she would repeat my name more than two or three times and ask, are you okay? (Pause) Yes, she would ask for sure. Then, he would approach my office (Walk towards the actors) and see me standing still, without blinking. He’d think maybe about the onset of mid-afternoon body paralysis, the receipt of bad news, or that I just went crazy thinking about Christmas shopping. I would barely lean on his shoulder… better than that! He would carry me in the same computer chair to the parking lot (He moves the actor sitting in the chair with wheels and begins to move him around the stage. The seated actor remains paralyzed). All in all, it would be much more comfortable for her. Now, yes (She puts him back in position), she’d just about carry me into the car and we’d go to the nearest medical center. If I think about it, I would be in good hands (The actor returns to his desk and everyone starts typing again).

Actor 3: (Leaves his desk and walks to the center of the stage) What would happen if I suddenly stopped doing what I regularly do (The three seated actors freeze again, staring at the audience). In half an hour, or less, I would become aware of my breathing (Breathe deeply three times), live in the present moment and perfectly identify my bodily sensations, an action that we should do constantly according to the sages of yoga and meditation. (Keep walking) I would reflect on the reasons for doing this, the life I lead, my achievements and what I want to achieve. I would feel like a relaxed, creative and innovative person. Different from others. I would have greater visual acuity. I would develop my power of concentration (Stare at the audience) and try to change the music on Youtube with the power of my mind. I would listen attentively to the sounds outside and the conversations of people, friend or foe, walking down the street. (Thinking) Maybe my name would be registered in the Guinness Records for maintaining immobility for so long (Reflects) Sounds quite interesting… (The actor returns to his desk and everyone starts typing again).

Actor 4: (Leaves his desk and walks to the center of the stage) What would happen if I stop sending emails and remain static in my office chair? (The three seated actors freeze again staring at the audience). In an hour, my legs and arms would be totally numb. I would try to change position, but that rule would not be allowed. My neck, shoulders and back would ache. My mouth would be dry and I would have a strong urge to go to the bathroom (I would begin to feel anguish). My eyes would start to burn from not being able to blink, tears would start to fall and my cheeks would sting as I felt the droplets run down from my eyes. In short, my body would be on the verge of letting my guard down. My mind would wander. I would think that I make a fool of myself, that I am too boring, idle and that no one would think of doing something like this on a Monday afternoon. (With some relief) I would probably think how lucky I am to have the opportunity to do this feat without being interrupted. No. The positive thoughts at this point would be gone. (Reflective) I would think about maybe the cost of a body massage and all the things I would do after my big stupid stunt was over… (Pause) I would eat something sweet or else. (Actor returns to his desk and everyone starts typing again).

Actor 1: (Leaves his desk and begins to walk to the center of the stage.) What would happen if at this second I stopped and stopped doing my usual work? (The three seated actors freeze again, staring at the audience.) (Pause). I probably wouldn’t mind. I would take it naturally. After all, I’d have plenty of time to do it. I have no children, no plants, no pets to worry about. I have no major work obligations or pending paperwork. I have no major challenges. My parents would maintain their daily routine and my sisters would continue to be excited about family reunions, studies, scholarships and trips to plan. My friends in their own things… In short…

Actor 2-3-4: (In unison) Everything would stay the same.

Actor 1: (Sighs) If I confess something… I would be really disappointed to think that this unusual challenge would not be known by the world. Ah!… (Takes the cup of tea) and the tea would get cold. (The actor returns to his desk and everyone starts typing again. The ambient noise returns.)

Lights off. Background music. Curtain closes.

The end.

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