Play script about young roommates (4 characters)

In this short comedy play, the 2 young protagonists are looking for someone to share their apartment. It is a script to be performed by 4 characters.

Title of the play: “What falls”

Author: Ángeles Spinoza

4 Characters:

  1. Julian
  2. Mariano
  3. Rebeca
  4. Male voice (builder)

Act 1

Julian: So? do you agree?

Mariano: I wouldn’t like it, but I think there’s no other way, the numbers don’t work out and …. (suddenly distracted by something he sees through the window) Again! (exalted)

Julian: And every day until they finish the remodeling… then I publish it on the Internet…

Mariano: (shouting upwards through the terrace window) hey! it’s all falling down here!

Voice: I’m sorry young man, it’s the mix!

Mariano: It’s the mix! and what’s with the mix?

Voice: it is beaten and… it is thrown.

Mariano: then throw it to his side, not on my window.

Voice: It’s not controlled, it has a life of its own.

Mariano: Don’t give me… (calming down) Please, be more careful.

Voice: Yes, young man, it won’t happen anymore.

Mariano returns to the room where he was talking with Julian and behind his back he hears some material falling. Mariano freezes with annoyance.

Voice: Sorry, that was the last one; the mix slipped.

Mariano takes a breath and sits down next to Julian.

Julian: Yeah

Mariano: They’ve been like this for weeks!

Julian: And how many are left… why are you getting angry? You just sweep it up and that’s it.

Mariano: …

Julian: So, shall I publish it now? or do you have a candidate?

Mariano: For what?

Julian: for the rent, for roomie…

Mariano: no

Julian: no what?

Mariano: I don’t have anyone, publish it where you have to publish it and that’s it (pause) I think we should ask for a lawyer.

Julian: (typing on the Tablet) roomie? why?

Mariano: To sue these (points to the roof) for damages to private property.

Julian: That might work if the apartment were yours, but it is not, and besides, it is the owner of the building who is remodeling it.

Mariano: And the right of seniority doesn’t count?

Julian: get over it (pause) well, that’s it, now let’s wait for the interested parties.

Mariano: Did you ask for references?

Julian: That he was a lawyer and a builder.

At that moment you can hear some more material falling down.

Act 2

Mariano is in the living room working on something. Julian enters, visibly stressed.

Julian: Where is Rebecca?

Mariano: No idea.

Julian: She left her bike in front of my room again.

Mariano: Tell her not to do it.

Julian: I already told her to take it out, what’s the need to keep it in here? She can leave it in the backyard or on the terrace…

Mariano: (interrupts, stopping his activity for a moment) No! Not on the terrace, not on the terrace at all (shouts) I’ll sue them (shouts louder) I’ll sue them all…

Julian: Stop it! We already talked about it: the lawsuit doesn’t proceed.

Rebeca enters with some groceries.

Rebeca: What’s up!

Julian and Mariano: Bad.

Rebeca: What’s up with that? (leaves the shopping anywhere)

Mariano: The usual, the terrace.

Julian: The usual, your bicycle.

Rebeca: (embarrassed) I’m sorry, I couldn’t take it out, it’s just that it doesn’t work and…

Julian: Then move it somewhere else, every time I go out I’m about to fall; you can put it in your room, take it out to the terrace…

Mariano: No!

Rebeca: don’t worry, today it stays; it has to stay. I’ve been trying to fix it for days…

Julian: just move it.

Rebeca: fine. I get going. I’ll see you in a while.

Rebeca goes out and leaves the groceries lying around.

Julian: Hey! Your things (pause. Julian starts to arrange what Rebeca left in the living room) What was that? I tell her to pick up her belongings and what she does is to throw them away more (gives Mariano a light punch) And yet! We should have kept the one with the three Afghan dogs.

Mariano: Sure! And when they peed on your door you would have said (imitating him) You see, we should have taken the hippie with the bicycle.

Julian: Or, we should have stayed you and me alone.

Mariano: Not that either, we’re poor: we have to share, face it.

Julian: Yeah, whatever (pause) I’m leaving, see you later, they’re waiting for me.

Julian makes a false mutism.

Julian: the keys.

Julian leaves and a loud knock is heard.

Julian off: Rebecca!

Rebeca off-screen: I’m sorry, I’ll move it now.

Mariano laughs until he hears construction material falling on the terrace again.

Mariano: I’m going to sue them, I swear I’m going to sue them.

Act 3

Julian and Rebecca in the living room. Rebeca is reading something. Several candy wrappers are lying around.

Julian: Are you going to clean up at some point?

Rebeca: How?

Julian: Are you going to pick up what you left there?

Rebeca: (distracted) yes… in a little while. I have to finish this, but don’t worry, as soon as I’m done I’ll pick it up.

Julian: (mumbling) yes, like you pick up the bike, your food and the rest of your stuff…

Rebeca: Did you say something?

Julian: (getting ready to leave) no nothing, go on with your business.

Mariano enters quite upset.

Mariano: Now yes! now yes! I’m going to destroy them!

He goes out the other side.

Rebeca: the construction.

Julian: (nods his head, shouting at Mariano) everything ok?

Mariano: (entering) they wrecked up the car!

At that moment a new crash is heard downstairs. Mariano leaves in a hurry.

Rebeca: I’m leaving too, when I come back I’ll clean all this and pick up everything from there (pointing towards the rooms).

Julian: Good.

Julian goes out and we hear things falling and banging. He enters with the bicycle.

Julian: Rebecca! Get rid of this damn thing!

As Julian tries to move it, the bike starts to fall apart until he is left with only part of the handlebars in his hand. Desperate, he throws it over the balcony. It lands on Mariano.

Mariano off-screen: To hell with it!

Julian, scared out of his wits, leans out of the balcony.

Julian: Are you all right?

Mariano: I’m moving out today


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