Play script about family and national identity (10 characters)

This example of a short play shows us in a single scene that the most important thing, whatever country we are from, is to spend quality time with our family. We can see that the apparent differences are not such.

Title of the play: “It’s better here than there”.

Author: Ana María Rozo

10 Characters:

  • Older waiter
  • Younger waiter
  • Spaniard
  • Italian
  • French
  • Egyptian
  • Brazilian 1
  • Brazilian 2
  • Asian Male
  • Asian Female

Plot: There are 9 people having lunch in a restaurant. A Spaniard and an Italian start talking about which of their home country is the best, then the Frenchman listens and joins the conversation, then the Asian and the Egyptian, and so on until the Brazilian enters the conversation. The dialogue becomes a conflict and they end up shouting at each other. The restaurant owner stops the fight and asks everyone what they like best about their home, and summarizes for everyone present that the best thing about your home is the company you keep there.

Single act

In an Italian looking restaurant, with 2 classic brown doors and 2 classic brown windows, with tables with red and white checkered tablecloths, and pots hanging in each corner with green plants dangling.

In the center of the room an Italian and a Spaniard man are having lunch, both very elegant. On the right side is a young and artistic looking Frenchman, reading a book. On the left side is an Asian couple with a camera, tablet and 2 cell phones. Diagonal to the right side sits an Egyptian man with a beautiful suit, looking serious, and diagonal to the left side are two Brazilian tourist friends. There are 2 waiters, in the right corner a very clean older one with white suit and moustache and well groomed, and in the other corner a younger one with his white suit.

Scene 1

They are all eating in the restaurant, talking quietly those who are accompanied. The young waiter passes by and hands 2 plates to the Asians. The waiter stops to listen to the conversation between the Italian and the Spaniard, causing him to look outside.

Italian: (with the corresponding accent and in a loud voice) there is no better place than Italy. Mamma mia! Here everyone feels at ease.

The others in the room remain silent and look at the Italian.

Italian: I think everyone would like to be in a place like this… the pasta, the landscapes, its seas. It is the most beautiful country in the world without a doubt.

Spaniard: (with the corresponding accent and a little annoyed) Well, I think you are exaggerating, what could be more beautiful than Spain, beautiful music, beautiful culture, we have the most beautiful celebrations in all of Europe.

The second waiter passes by and hands the plate to the Egyptian.

Egyptian: (with the corresponding accent and shaking his head from one side to the other) They call this beauty, the pyramids of Giza! Now that is art and pure beauty.

The Frenchman makes hand gestures while looking at his book.

French: The Eiffel Tower. Ha!

The Spaniard and the Italian look carefully at the Egyptian and the Frenchman who avoid a conversation by looking at their food and their book. One of the Brazilians stands up.

Brazilian 1: (with a corresponding accent and a big smile, zamba sounds in the background) but it’s not for fighting! The only thing I can say here is that Brazil has everything! Carnival, soccer and zamba!

The Asians finish their plate and get ready to leave the restaurant.

Asian male: (with a corresponding accent and taking pictures) they talk about culture and they don’t know what it is. We do know the real culture and it has been around for years.

The Asians slowly make their way to the door.

Brazilian 2: (staring at the Asians) What do you know about culture. You are not good for dancing, only for eating bugs!

The Asians turn around in a very bad mood. They all start shouting and raising their arms, explaining themselves to each other.

ALL: My country is the best!

The older waiter stands in the center of the room.

Older waiter: (raises his voice slowly) Silencio per favore.

Everyone falls silent and turns to look at the waiter.

Older waiter: To solve this, each one will tell me what he likes the most about his country, and then we will define which one is the best!

Egyptian: (shouting in a hurry) We love to go for a walk with my family and watch the sunrise in the desert!

The Egyptian looks up and sighs.

Spaniard: Well, without a doubt, what fascinates us is going with my wife and grandchildren to the fields of roses, there are the most beautiful landscapes.

Asian male: For my wife and me, the best thing is to try to walk the Chinese wall together.

The Asians hug and smile at each other.

Brazilian 1: There’s nothing better than your family coming to watch you play a soccer game. And to see you score a goal.

Brazilian 1 gets down on his knees.

Brazilian 1: Goal!

Frenchman: What could be happier than a bike ride with the person you love (a love song plays in the background).

The Frenchman sighs in love.

Older waiter: So, listening to all of you I can conclude the following: every country has wonderful things, but what makes your home the best of all, is that it is there that you share with your loved ones. Your family!

Everyone looks at each other and nods happily. They sit down to finish their dinner.

The Asians head for the exit.

Asian male: I still think China is the best country. (makes a chuckle)

The Asians hurry to run out of the restaurant.

The others look at the Asians and burst out laughing.


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