Short animal play script for preschoolers (3 characters)

This short children’s play script uses animals to teach about the value of friendship. It is ideal to be performed in front of children such as preschoolers and to be performed by slightly older school children (3 characters).

Title of the play: “An afternoon in the jungle”.

Author: Janet Mora


  • Lila the squirrel.
  • Peter the rabbit.
  • Ligia the girl.


SETTING: In the heart of the jungle, three logs serve as chairs and tables for a picnic.

INTRODUCTION: The four o’clock sun shines in the heart of the jungle, ideal for sharing a perfect picnic as our protagonists are doing.

Lila the squirrel: My dear Peter, in these five years that we have known each other, I must tell you that you are my best friend.

Peter the rabbit: Oh, my beloved Lila! I remember like it was yesterday when we were babies and we met at Mama Bear’s nursery!

(Squeaking sounds are heard).

Lila the squirrel: (Looking sideways in confusion) Did you hear that, Peter?

Peter the rabbit: Yes, I heard it, Lila! (gets up from the tree trunk and goes to check behind the trees, leaving his tea cup to one side)


Lila the squirrel: (getting up suddenly from her trunk): What’s going on???? Oh!

Ligia the girl: (looking at her feet and speaking in a sad tone) My name is Ligia and I’ve been behind this tree all afternoon. I ran away from the nursery.

Peter the rabbit: Aaahh no! That’s not ok! Tell me right now where your daycare is and I’ll take you there, I won’t be part of an act of rebellion!

Lila the squirrel: But Peter! Wait a minute! Something must have happened for this little one to run away. What happened to you, sweetheart (stroking Ligia’s hair)?

Ligia the girl: I have no friends at my daycare. I know they don’t like me. And when I heard you talk about all those years of friendship I couldn’t hold back my tears. I will never have that.

Peter the rabbit: (looking with regretful eyes and speaking with a broken voice) Little Ligia: Maybe you haven’t approached them in the best way.

Ligia the girl: I really don’t know how to do it. I can’t help thinking that they won’t want to play with me.

Peter the rabbit: Ligia, my child. You have to have confidence in yourself, you are a little girl with a big heart and a lot of love to offer. The most important thing in life is to never stop believing in ourselves. We must leave sorrow aside and dare, always politely, to talk to others. What you think of yourself, will be what you transmit to others.

Lila the squirrel: (wiping away Ligia’s tears and looking sweetly into her eyes) You see, when I was in Mama Bear’s nursery, I felt like you, distrustful. Until one day I plucked up my courage and approached Peter to invite him to play in the garden. Maybe if I had never dared to invite him, we wouldn’t be celebrating so many years of friendship right now. Do you understand?

Peter the rabbit: Ligia, we know it’s not easy, but by smiling more and thinking the best of yourself, you’ll make it!

Ligia the girl: You are right! I must believe more in myself like Lila did and invite my classmates to play! You made my day! It was really worth it to run away, hahaha!

Peter the rabbit: (with an authoritative tone) I’m not amused, Lilia! Everyone at the nursery must be worried sick about you!

Lila the squirrel: (laughing affectionately and grabbing Ligia and Peter’s hand) Relax Peter! Ligia is right, and nothing bad has happened to her! Let’s go to the nursery and on the way we’ll eat a big spring leaf ice cream!

Peter the rabbit: Ligia, you know you can count on us for anything you need. We will always be here for you.

Ligia the little girl: Thank you for making me understand. That’s what I needed to hear.

The curtain slowly goes down as we watch Ligia, Pedro and Lila disappear into the jungle.


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